Wedding ring

April, 2021

The JMG Jewellery Collection mainly consists of pieces dating to the 19th and early 20th century, belonging to the Bulgarian Hoard, valuable personal items looted from the Jews of East Macedonia and Thrace in 1943. Most of these items came from the mainly Sephardic communities of Serres, Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupolis, all decimated and destroyed during the Holocaust. Among them, this unusual wedding ring, a gold broad band engraved with a floral pattern, on top in high relief the monogram “SK” in Latin letters, for the bridal couple Solomon and Klara. The inner hoop is engraved in Hebrew ‘Shlomo (and) Klara Klein 5671’ (1911). We know nothing more of this Jewish couple from northern Europe, who somehow settled in Greece, only to share the fate of the rest of the Jews of that area in the Holocaust.

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