WWII and the Holocaust of the Greek Jews (1941-1944)

The Jewish Museum of Greece presented in 2008 the digital application (CD-ROM) “The Second World War and the Holocaust of the Greek Jews 1941 – 1944″. The first edition was edited by Alexios Menexiadis (PhD cand. in Modern History) and its purpose was to accompany the printed manual of the same title, which had already been published by the JMG in 2005. In the following years, the CD-ROM of the application accompanied the material the Museum provided to educators during its seminars, supported a number of school activities and commemorative events, while transmitting accurate, concise and visually enriched knowledge on their subject, to a wide variety and number of recipients, multipliers, directions and destinations. In 2012, the second, improved version of the CD-ROM took place, curated by the historian, Dr. Jason Chandrinos.

The third, renewed and enriched version of this application, with additional material and a new format, edited by historian, Dr. Alexandra Patrikiou. It is an interactive application for displaying archival material, which summarizes the history and events of World War II, the history of the Holocaust in Europe and more extensively in Greece, while referring to the timeless and topical issue of anti-Semitism, a highly hateful form of racism that plagues modern societies even today.

Product of extensive research and updating, the new, bilingual edition (Greek and English), contains new chapters, texts and data, while it was enriched with photographic material from the Photographic Archive of the Museum, as well as other sources, such as relevant publications, the photographic archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the corresponding one of the Benaki Museum.

The application has been designed in a way that makes it suitable to be used by teachers, students and researchers, aspiring to introduce them in a documentary way to a subject as complex as the Holocaust. At the same time, it is offered as a tool to educators, giving them a clear, accurate and absolutely sufficient basis for the organization of Holocaust Education in the classroom. For this purpose, it includes a brief timeline of events and an extensive updated bibliography, while valid relevant websites are listed. At the same time, it can serve as a starting point and stimulus for extensive research and discussion on issues of racism, antisemitism, prejudice, discrimination, persecution and genocide, which, unfortunately, have not stopped happening.

The application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems without any additional programs.

Download the application from the button below, unzip it and run the .exe file.

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