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Access to and use of this Web page (“Website“) is subject to the following terms of use and to all applicable laws and regulations. By accessing and using the Website, you agree and fully accept these terms and conditions of use. If you do not fully accept the terms and conditions of use, please do not use the Website.



  1. The Website “https://jewishmuseum.gr” belongs to the non-profit Foundation with the name “JEWISH MUSEUM OF GREECE”, (hereinafter “EME”), with registered office in Athens, Attica, 39, Nikis str., P.C. 10557, TIN 090166360, Tax Office D’ of Athens, Tel. No. 210-3225582, fax no. 210-3231577, E-mail address: info@jewishmuseum.gr.
  2. Use of the Website, access and navigation, registration as a friend or donor in the list for receiving communication or newsletter on activities, exhibitions, tours and other actions, subscriptions, donations, purchase of tickets, the content in any form (including videos or any other type of information), contact with EME, participation in investigations, and the general features and functions provided through the Website, are governed by these terms and conditions which, together with the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, also posted on the Website, constitute a single text (hereinafter ‘Terms of Use’), which are considered as having been carefully read and unreservedly accepted by users/visitors of the Website solely through the access and use thereof. The visitor of the Website must frequently visit the Terms of Use, as they may be amended at times without there being any other obligation for information about such amendment, except for their being posted on the Website. Both these Terms of Use and any amendments thereto are the contractual framework which governs the relationship between the visitor and EME at any given time. In the event of disagreement or reservation of the visitor about part or all of these terms, the visitor is invited to abstain from access to or navigation on the Website, or any other action on it, as access to the Website and acceptance of all Terms of Use requires that it has to be unreserved.
  3. EME reserves the right (indicatively, and not exclusively):
    a) to change at any time, without justification and without any prior notification, part or all of these terms of use;
    b) to renew or upgrade part or the whole content of the Website;
    c) to renew or upgrade part or the whole of the interface, structure, or configuration of the Website, as well as its technical specification; and to
    d) limit access to the whole Website or part thereof.

Also, EME reserves the right to cancel, suspend, permanently or temporarily, or terminate the operation of the Website at any time, without any justification and without any prior notice to the visitor of the Website.

  1. EME provides information of varied content with regard to the exhibitions, exhibits, relics with text, photos and related videos. This information is provided for the necessary information of the visitors only. EME shall not bear any liability for any damage that may be caused to any visitor or third party, due to or on the occasion of information received from the Website or posted on the Website. Upon acceptance of these Terms of Use, the visitor is granted a non-exclusive permission of access and personal use of the Website, for the purposes specifically detailed in these Terms of Use. This permission shall by no means entail permission to take up or amend the Website or any part thereof, which can only be allowed with the written permission of EME. Such access permission granted to the visitor does not allow any resale or commercial use, reproduction, creation of copies, copying, transmission, announcement, placement on the market, amendment, or assignment of permission, or any other manner of exploitation of this Website or its content, any collection and use of any lists, descriptions, texts or photographs, any derivative use of this Website or its content, any receipt or copying of account details for the benefit of a third party, or any use of data extraction tools, robots, or similar data collection and extraction tools Use in any manner, or another kind of exploitation of the Website and its content for professional or commercial purposes or proportional to the activity of EME, is prohibited. EME exclusively reserves its rights over the domain name https://www.jewishmuseum.gr
  2. Use of the Website is allowed only provided that the visitor acts in a fair and lawful manner, and abstains from any action that causes harm to the reputation of EME or from any unlawful exploitation thereof. The Customer is also prohibited from creating any connection that insinuates any kind of relationship of the visitor or a third party with EME or approval or support by EME where there is none. It is not permitted for the Website to be placed in a frame on any other website, and, in any case, the visitor is prohibited from creating any link to any part of this Website other than the homepage. EME reserves the right to remove the connection permission without justification, without penalty and without any prior notice to the visitor.
  3. The visitor is not allowed to use frames or frame techniques, in order to frame any mark, distinctive feature, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of the Website of EME without its written consent. In the event of unauthorised use, the permission conceded by EME for access to the Website shall automatically and promptly cease to be in force.
  4. It is highlighted that impeding the operation of the Website and replacing or amending its content (images, photographs, texts, etc.) is prohibited. Commission or facilitation of criminal, illegal or immoral offences in any manner, transmission of viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, and any action, in general, that may lead to an unaccepted or extensive encumbrance of the infrastructure or the operation of the Website is prohibited. Visitors must comply with the privacy obligations, while they must abstain from using the Website in a vulgar, offensive, illegal or obscene manner.
  5. Additionally, the visitor may not destroy data, cause discontent to other visitors, violate the property rights of other persons, send unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly known as “spam”, or try to influence the performance or functionality of any Website features or features to which the visitor gained access through the Website. The violation of this provision is a criminal offence, according to Greek law. EME declares that it will notify the competent authorities of any such violation that may come to its knowledge. It will also disclose the Authorities any data requested, in accordance with the requirements of the law.
  6. The visitor uses the Website at their full and exclusive liability at their request and based on these Terms of Use. The visitor’s connection with the Website is made with technical means, and through providers of the User’s choice.
  7. This Website may be linked by links to other Websites of museums or organisations, national, European or international, which are not related to EME and their content is not controlled by the latter (the “Linked Web Pages”). Therefore, EME does not guarantee that the content posted on the Linked Websites is correct, legal, complete, updated, true, accurate, or of good quality, and does not bear any liability for it or for any loss or damage that may be caused as a result or on the occasion of the use thereof, or as a result or on the occasion of the sales of products through it. Similarly, EME may not control the collection and processing of the visitors’ personal data by the Linked Websites, and, therefore, it does not bear any liability in relation to such collection and processing. When the visitor uses Linked Websites, the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, of each relevant website shall apply accordingly. With regard to any issue that may arise, indicatively, in relation to the content or the use of a Linked Website, the visitor is asked to contact directly the owner or administrator of each Linked Website. EME by no means embraces or accepts or approves the content or the services of the Linked Websites to which the visitor is referred through hyperlinks.
  8. The Website and all its content (including, for example, software, files, graphics, data, images and other materials), are the exclusive property of EME and are protected by the copyright laws of Greece and other countries. The appearance and display of the Website content may not be taken as transfer and/or assignment of a license and/or a right to use thereof. The visitor may store, print and display the available content exclusively for personal use. The Website is provided solely for the personal use of the visitors of the Website and is used “as is”, with no possibility of modifications or other interventions by its visitors. The Visitor or any third party does not have and does not obtain any license or consent to use, in any way, any logos, distinctive features, trademarks of EME or the logos or trademarks that belong to other legal entities and are legally displayed after permission on the Website, without its special written permission. 
  9. Any other use of the Website without the prior written permission of EME is strictly prohibited including: (a) the use of the Website for commercial or business purposes or purposes similar to those of EME, (b) the distribution, disposal, copying, reproduction or publication of material on the Website for any reason other than for personal use; or (c) the modification, distribution, transfer, execution, retransmission, reproduction, publication, licensing or reverse engineering in relation to either part or the whole of the Website.
  10. EME shall not provide any guarantee (i) of the proper operation of the Websites and/or the applications; (ii) of the access and use right; (iii) of the full, accurate, and updated nature of the contents, the information, or the data available on the Websites; (iv) of the absence of any defects or errors in the content and/or the operation of the Website and/or the Applications; (v) of the absence of viruses or other malicious software; and (vi) of the absence of certain qualities that could be expected in relation to such Websites and/or Applications, or the content thereof. Thus, EME informs the visitors that both the whole content of the Website, and the display of the products, services, texts, photographs, etc. are provided “as they are”, without any requirements or other guarantees on their truthfulness, accuracy, or suitability for the use or the purpose for which they are intended.
  11. Access to and use of the Website is made through the visitor’s own means. EME and its associates exert their best efforts, in the context of technological inspections regularly carried out by them, so that the services and the content are provided smoothly and without any interruption, and that its highest standard of security is maintained. However, it shall not be liable in the case that, despite the reasonable measures taken by it, for any reason, including the case of negligence, the operation of the “Website” is suspended, or access to it becomes difficult and/or impossible, and/or if, despite the safety measures implemented, viruses or any other harmful software that impedes use of the Website are detected and transferred to the terminals of users, or if unauthorised third parties interfere in any manner with the content and the operation of the Website, rendering use thereof difficult or causing problems to the proper operation thereof, or intercept details concerning the users’ personal data. Moreover, EME shall not be liable in the case of suspension of access to its website for reasons beyond its control, as well as for reasons due to a technical or other weakness of the network, or to reasons of Force Majeure, or to unforeseeable circumstances.
  12. Since it is technically impossible (and there is no legal obligation to do so) EME does not control and cannot control the posting of the content of the Website by the visitor to third party websites.
  13. The Visitor uses the Website and accesses content posted on it on its own initiative and on sole responsibility and agrees to compensate, defend and relieve EME, the members of the Board of directors, the managers, officers, employees, consultants, and associates thereof of any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and/or costs arising as a result or on the occasion of any wrongful illegal or anti-contractual use of the Website by the User, or as a result of the wrongful breach on the User’s part of any of the Terms of Use. In any case, the User must promptly notify EME or through the Website or the telephone lines 210 3225582 & 210 3245260 or e-mail: info@jewishmuseum.gr if it has become aware or has reasonable suspicion or indications that the Website has been used in an illegal or anti-contractual manner by the User (even due to the User’s negligence) or by any other person, so that EME will be able to take the necessary measures for the purpose of limiting any damage.
  14. The users of the Website acknowledge and accept that EME may not be able to exercise control over the entire content and the security of the Website and its services. EME expressly waives any responsibility for any kind of warranty, whether express or implied, including any implied warranties that the Website and its content do not infringe the rights of third parties, that it is accurate and appropriate, that access to the Website will be uninterrupted and error-free, that the use of the Website will be secure, that the Website or the servers that make the Website available do not contain viruses or that the information on the Website will be complete, accurate, appropriate and up-to-date. If any visitors to the Website download any part of the content from the Website, they will act at their own discretion and at their own risk and responsibility. They shall be solely liable for any damage to their computer system or any loss of data caused by the downloading of the content. Additionally, visitors to the Website will be responsible for the cost of any necessary work, maintenance, repairs or rectification, which may be needed for a full restoration. The visitors of the Website accept that they must evaluate the content and that they are responsible for any risk that may be caused by the use of any part of the content, including any decision based on the correctness, completeness, validity and / or usefulness of any part of the content. EME, as well as the persons involved in the creation, production or delivery of the content or in general the operation of the Website in no case will be liable for damages, including, indicatively, direct or indirect, special, accidental or incidental, positive or negative damages or expenses incurred in connection with this Website or its use, or in case of inability to use it by any person, or in relation to inability of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission or system line failure and shall assume no liability, nor will they be liable for any damage or injury caused to the computer or other electronic medium used by a visitor of the Website to access it or for viruses that may infect the computer or medium or other asset of the visitor which it uses to access the Website, during the visit , use or browsing of the Website or for downloading any part of the content of the Website from it, even if EME or its representatives have been informed about the possibility of similar damages, losses or expenses. Any links to other Internet sources shall be used on their own responsibility. If a visitor to the Website causes a technical problem or malfunction on the Website or the systems for support/retransmission of the Website to it or to others, then it shall be liable for any damage, liability, expense, compensation and cost, including reasonable legal fees and legal costs arising from or resulting from such disruption or malfunctioning of the Website.



  1. Confidentiality Statement

We respect the personal privacy of participants/visitors in general and those who use the website. We are committed to properly safeguard the personal content information that Website visitors provide when they visit and use the Website.  This Privacy Statement describes the type of personal information we collect through the Website, how we use it and with whom we share it. The Privacy Statement of EME also describes the measures we take to protect the security of information.

Information we collect and how we use it

The use / visit of the Website is allowed to adults, but also to minors 15 years and older as long as they have the consent of their parent or guardian, who must confirm and solemnly declare, with all the consequences provided by the law on false solemn declarations, the personal information required for the use of the Website, in accordance with the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of EME.

Information that we disclose

EME does not sell or otherwise disclose personal information that it collects from the visitors of the Website to third parties for their own promotional purposes (marketing). To that effect, EME and service providers may disclose details of visitors of the Website if required by law.

How do we protect the personal information

The security of personal data is a top priority for EME. We shall maintain appropriate management, technical and physical means of security designed to protect against unauthorised disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of personal data provided to EME during the visit and use of the Website. We use secure slot levels as well as digitally certified encryption and technologies to ensure secure transmission of the personal information of visitors to the Website.

  1. How to Contact Us

For any questions you may have about these Terms of Use of the Web page and Privacy Statement, you can contact us at 210-32.25.582 or send a direct message to the Website.


  1. Jurisdiction
    Greek law governs these Terms of Use of the Website and Declaration of Confidentiality, and each visitor expressly and irrevocably consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens for any action relating to the application of these Terms of Use of the Website and Declaration of Confidentiality.


  1. Purchase and cancellation of tickets, guided tours, other activities of EME and payment of donations or membership fees.


5.1. Purchase and cancellation of tickets for exhbititions, guided tours and other activities of EME 

Through the website of EME, it is possible to purchase electronic tickets for the exhibitions, events, guided tours and activities carrried out by the Museum through VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO credit, debit, prepaid cards.

The website visitor enters the corresponding browsing page and is asked to fill in the personal details and information required (e.g. number and type of tickets, contact details) in order to successfully complete the purchase or reservation of the entry ticket or the price for the guided tour or other activity of EME. In all payments made using cards, the user’s personal data (card/account number) is processed through Stripe’s electronic payment platform.

Cooperation with the international organization Stripe guarantees the reliability and security of your transactions as the website where you enter your card details is provided by Stripe for the completion of electronic payments. It is noted that EME has no access or knowledge of the user’s bank account number or card number.

Purchase Confirmation

If you do not receive a purchase confirmation message through the website after submitting your details to complete your payment, or if an error message or service interruption occurs while submitting your details, it is your responsibility to contact EME, in order to find out whether your transaction has been completed or not. EME accepts no responsibility for your monetary or other loss in the event that for any reason you do not receive confirmation of your purchase and payment.

Ticket delivery, refund and cancellation policy

The tickets are sent via e-mail to the e-mail address (e-mail), which you have declared during the online purchase process.

Upon your arrival at EME you must have with you, either printed or via your mobile device, the ticket you received at your email address when your transaction was completed, in order to show it to the competent employee as well as the appropriate identification documents that they will confirm your classification in a category entitled to a reduced or zero fare.

Before purchasing your tickets, please ensure that you have selected the correct day/time/activity for your visit as, once your transaction has been completed, a refund or exchange of your tickets is only possible under the following conditions:


      1. It is possible to cancel the electronic ticket to visit the Permanent and Periodical exhibition of the “Museum” and refund up to three (3) calendar days before the date of the visit.
      2. It is possible to cancel an electronic ticket for participation in a guided tour and in an educational program and refund up to seven (7) calendar days before the date of the visit.

For the possibility of changing the date, communication is done by phone up to ten (10) calendar days before the scheduled visit and only if there is availability.

The EME is not responsible for refunding the value of the tickets as long as their cancellation is not requested until the date specified above before the date of the visit, at which point the amount in question will be returned by deposit to the bank account indicated by the visitor/user within thirty (30) days from the date of cancellation.

Secure Transactions

In all payments made using cards, the user’s personal data (card/account number) is processed through Stripe’s electronic payment platform.

All transactions you carry out through the Website of EME are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Consumer Protection Act, which regulates issues related to sales from distance.

The “Museum” only keeps the contact information of the users for sending updates about its activities and for sending the tickets/ticket receipts.

Acceptance of terms of use during transaction

The Visitor declares that by purchasing the ticket(s) he/she accepts the terms of use of the website and expressly and unconditionally consents to EME’s refund/cancellation policy.


In order to provide services to users, EME maintains and processes a File with user data exclusively and only where this is required. EME only keeps the contact information of the users to send updates about its activitiess and to send the tickets.

By using the service, you expressly accept the maintenance and operation of a personal data file for the above purpose and you unconditionally consent to it. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy – Protection of Personal Data https://www.jewishmuseum.gr/oroi-chrisis.

5.2.       Payment of donations or membership fees

Through the website of EME, it is also possible to pay donations, subscriptions or membership fees of frients through VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO credit, debit, prepaid cards.

After entering the corresponding navigation page, i.e. that of donations or subscriptions and filling in the personal data and information required (e.g. amount of donation or year of subscription), then the Visitor, in order to proceed with the payment, shall enter to the environment of EUROBANK ERGASIAS SA, where the terms and conditions of use of the Bank’s website will apply, which it will have to accept in order to complete the transaction.  

Cooperation with EUROBANK ERGASIAS SA Bank guarantees the reliability and security of your transactions since the website where you enter your card details is provided by the Bank, which processes the payments through its electronic payment platform. Please note that EME has no access to or knowledge of the bank account number or card number of the user.

EME reserves the right to modify or revise the terms and conditions of use and transactions freely, whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform users of any change through its website.

Acting in good faith, EME will not be held responsible and will not be bound by erroneous/unintended electronic data entries, according to general experience, and may correct such errors as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Under no circumstances shall EME be liable for any civil and/or penal claims for damages (including, without limitation, claims for direct, consequential or special damages, consisting alternatively or accumulatively in loss of profit, loss of data, moral damage etc.) that any visitor to the Web page or third party who made a donation or paid a subscription may suffer as a result of any cause relating to the functionality and/or use of the website and/or failure to provide services and/or information provided through the Application and/or any unauthorised third-party interventions to services and/or information provided therethrough.

  1. Final provisions

The above Terms of Use bind the parties (EME and the visitors) collectively, and constitute, as a whole, the whole contract of the parties, and prevail over any and all previous and current contracts between the visitor and EME. The information mentioned on the Website is an integral part of the agreement and shall not be changed without an express agreement between the contracting parties (e.g. express agreement through the exchange of emails).

Should any term be judged as abusive or be cancelled, this shall not affect the remaining terms, which will continue to apply and to bind the parties. In any case, to the extent feasible, one term/sub-term or part thereof may be taken into consideration separately, in order for the remaining part to become valid. Otherwise, the visitor agrees that the term must be corrected and it will be construed in a manner that approaches the original meaning of the term/sub-term to the greatest extent, in accordance with the law. 

Any delay by the parties in exercising some or all of the rights stemming from these terms shall not result in the weakening or waiver of such right, which may be exercised at any time, at a later stage, at the reasonable judgment of its holder.